Employment Contracts In Belgium

There are several types of employment contract (Contrat de travail/Arbeidsovereenkomst) commonly used in Belgium. There are different contracts for manual workers and white-collar workers. In addition, separate contracts exist for domestic workers, student workers, professional sports people and home workers. Contracts vary in length and complexity. Most commonly: Permanent contracts/Open-ended contracts (Contrat de travail pour une durée indéterminée/De arbeidsovereenkomst voor onbepaalde

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Looking For A Job In Belgium?

With a strong culture and heritage of its own, Belgium is nevertheless a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, egalitarian society that’s quick to welcome people from all over the world. French and Dutch (and, to a lesser extent, German) are the national languages, with English spoken widely in the international community. Although a relatively small country with a population of just 10.3 million

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Work Permit And Employment in Belgium

Foreign workers, who want to pursue salaried employment in Belgium, must apply for a work permit in advance. Employers, who want to use a foreign worker within the Belgian territory, must get an employment authorization in advance. Exemptions are possible as well. There are three types of work permits: Work permit A: for any salaried profession with any employer Work-permit B: for one specific salaried

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