Work Permit And Employment in Belgium

Foreign workers, who want to pursue salaried employment in Belgium, must apply for a work permit in advance.

Employers, who want to use a foreign worker within the Belgian territory, must get an employment authorization in advance. Exemptions are possible as well.

There are three types of work permits:

  • Work permit A: for any salaried profession with any employer
  • Work-permit B: for one specific salaried profession with one single employer who has obtained an employment authorization for this purpose in advance. This work permit is valid for a maximum of 12 months, but can be extended.
  • Work-permit C: for any salaried profession with any employer for a limited duration. This work permit is issued to foreigners who are allowed to live here for reasons other than employment.

For more information about foreign workers in Belgium:

  • visit the website (Arbeidskaarten en vergunningen)
  • or contact the Dienst Arbeidsmigratie en Uitzendkantoren (Service for Labour Migration and Temporary Employment Agencies).

The federal government for Social Security has provided a one-stop shop ‘Working in Belgium: Limosa’ which considerably simplifies your administrative obligations if you want to employ someone in Belgium as a foreign company or organisation, or if you want to establish yourself in Belgium to pursue a temporary or partial activity as a self-employed person.


If you are a potential employee, you must apply for work permits A and C yourself. Submit the application file to the provincial Dienst Arbeidsmigratie.

The employment authorization and the work permit B are to be applied for by the employer.