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Service Description
BestJobs.be is a premier job portal for English speaking professionals in Belgium.

BestJobs.be will show the job ads uploaded by the Customer for the period specified in the ‘closing date’ tag for every job. Submitting a job is free of charge for the basic (Free) Job Pack and will display the job listing for 14 days. The re-listing of the job after those 14 days is done based on a fee. See our Job Packs for all the details regarding.

Jobs submitted will be shown on BestJobs.be from the following morning. Their status will until then appears as ‘Approval appending’ in the Customer administration profile. BestJobs.be can at our discretion delete job ads that fall outside the scope of the website.

BestJobs.be reserves the right to refuse to post or to remove any information or materials in whole or in part that in its sole discretion are in violation of state or federal law or is clearly intended to harass, defraud, subject BestJobs.be or its network users to any liability or otherwise harm BestJobs.be or its network users.

BestJobs.be will do its best to secure a smooth execution of this service. However we cannot be held responsible for any downtime due to server breakdown, hacker attack or other force major factors that interfere with the service. The Customer will of course not pay for the period that the service is down.

Customer Obligations

The Customer shall be responsible for, and shall ensure any advertisement or other product provided to the BestJobs.be to be displayed on behalf of the Customer complies with European Union law and regulations in all respects. BestJobs.be accepts no responsibility for checking the content of any advertisement or other product posted on behalf of the Customer.


Payments are securely managed through PayPal and you can use your own PayPal account or a valid Credit Card to pay for the job posting. Once the payment is done your job ad will be displayed on our job portal the next morning, according to the conditions mentioned in the Job Pack of your choice. WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS.


All information submitted to BestJobs.be is kept confidential and will not be given or shown to third parties. It is the Customers duty to keep the login and password confidential, and BestJobs.be does not cover for loses due to unsafe data management by the Customer. BestJobs.be will however contact the company should we notice anything unusual before approving a submitted ad.

BestJobs.be may post additional terms and conditions of usage from time to time on its website, including changes in terms for payment for use of the services. All users are subject to such changes immediately upon publication of said terms and conditions to the BestJobs.be website.

For any additional information you can always get in touch with us by email: [email protected]

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