work contracts in belgium

Useful Information About The Job Market in Belgium

With its growing economy and range of major international organizations it’s no wonder Belgium is an appealing place to work for those looking to broaden their horizons. Belgium as a country is relatively small but densely populated with an estimated population of more than 10million. It’s well connected to other European cities such as Amsterdam, London and Paris, which are

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All You Need To Know About Taxation In Belgium

From tax rates through to special expat status, here is the updated guide to the Belgian taxation system. Expats and Belgian citizens alike suffer from one of the highest taxation rates in the EU. It amounts to an effective tax rate (including social security) of well over 50 percent for the highest earners. This compares to an average 45 percent

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Employment Contracts In Belgium

There are several types of employment contract (Contrat de travail/Arbeidsovereenkomst) commonly used in Belgium. There are different contracts for manual workers and white-collar workers. In addition, separate contracts exist for domestic workers, student workers, professional sports people and home workers. Contracts vary in length and complexity. Most commonly: Permanent contracts/Open-ended contracts (Contrat de travail pour une durée indéterminée/De arbeidsovereenkomst voor onbepaalde

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