Resume Tips – A Step by Step Guide to Convert Your Resume and Cover Letter to PDF


Many job hunters send their resume and cover letter by email. That’s good. It’s a quick way to get your information out there. But if you send your resume in the same format you created it in, it can look less than professional. Since it’s easy and free to convert any document to the PDF format, it really should be your only choice for sending your resume and cover letter electronically.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. When you use this format the appearance of your resume and cover letter will not change when someone views it. It’s the closest you’re likely to get to an electronic piece of paper. The readers for PDF documents are free and readily available.

Here’s a simple method to convert you resume and cover letter to PDF.

  1. Launch Open Office Writer. If you don’t have Open Office, you can download it for free. Just search “Open Office” on your favorite search engine.
  2. Select File/Open and browse to locate your resume. If you haven’t created your resume yet, Open Office Writer is a great word processor and will do a good job in the creation process.
  3. Make sure your resume looks like you want it to. If you created it in another word processor program it’ll probably look fine, but you should check anyway.
  4. Select File/Export as PDF… The PDF Options dialogue box will open. You can use default settings.
  5. Click Export. This will open the Export dialogue box that you will use to save your PDF. Name your file and browse to a folder you’ll remember.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Repeat the steps for your cover letter.

That’s it. Your resume and cover letter now have a more professional appearance, free from all those squiggly lines and strange formatting errors that can happen if the viewer has different setting on their word processor.


Source by Elton Lowe

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